What is Marketing Automation?
Marketing automation is a platform that marketers use to plan, coordinate, manage and measure all of their marketing campaigns, both online and offline.
Netcore Smartech - Marketing Automation - Cool Features

There are thousands of Marketing Automation vendors all over the world and they offers variant of features to help marketer archive business goals. Let consider your requirements then choose the right one.

Contact Data

Manage anonymous and identified customer data & provide 360 degree view of customer

List & Segmentation

Target the right audience for your marketing campaign by segment customer by attribute and activity

Content Builder

Build your marketing templates with drag & drog tool like email, sms, webpush, app push...

Broadcast Campaign

Create scheduled broadcast campaigns to run anytime you want and target the right audiences

Journey Builder

Create automation campaign by listen customer interaction and reply by multi channel like email, push, sms...

Report & Analytics

Not only report but also Funnel, Cohort and RFM analytcis help to get understading customer better

User & Roles

Manager your team and user by permission to orginize and work effectly with creator/approval role

Event Tracking

Define and capture customer activity on website/app to create audience for marketing campaigns


Integrate and sync data to external system like CRM, Call Center, ERP... for your business operation
How Netcore Smartech help your business

Reduce your resource cost

Increase everage deal size

Improve your team

Working effectively

Get more creativity

Refine marketing processes

Across multiple channels

Be using A/B testing

Increase the customer lifetime value

Reduce lead conversion time

Reduce time on social campaigns

Auto follow up leads

Better reporting on campaigns

Difference solution for kind of customer

Update and sync with CRM

Schedule and targert marketing campaigns

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